Special Events, Festivals and Venues 

Medicar provide qualified medical teams to support both indoor and outdoor events with our modern dynamic approach we deploy a variety of medical expertise and equipment to a variety of events. 

Once we are requested to supply our services, we devise the most suitable and practical level of medical deployment applicable to meet the threat and risk associated with the event associated with the event profile and the expected capacity levels. Likewise our equipment and vehicles are chosen to meet and manage the expectations required. 

To conform with the event management plan whilst meeting safety advisory group advice and guidance, we devise a deployment plan which is suitable to meet all parameters of either the green or purple guide in order to comply with public safety at events. 

Medical cover is an essential part of indoor and outdoor events whilst we live in the constant threat of terror activities and lone wolf fanatics. Most often, our medical teams delpoy to countless events and are called to deal with low level, minor injuries, including allergic reactions, heat exhaustion, trips and falls and non-emergency hospital requirements which are dealt with onsite by our professional medical teams, avoiding overloading the NHS with unneccesary casulty numbers.

The need for adequate medical provisions is key to the success of any large crowd gathering.