"Now I am safely recovering and in a much more positive place, I would like to thank all those involved in my transportation from Estepona in Spain back to my local hospital in Oxford. 

Following the awful accident and my several weeks spent in the Spanish hospital I was so relieved that I could be transported back to England by an ambulance all arranged by my insurance company. 

I had never heard of Medicar European before but what a wonderful helpful friendly caring team they were. It was fantastic that they took care of the long journey back to England including the hotels we stayed at during the long journey I was made very comfortable by the attention from the Medical team, I was pleasantly surprised to have a TV onboard too. 

Medicar were amazing, so attentive to my needs during the long journey home.  

May I wish you all a huge thank you keep up the great work you all perform."

Mrs A Riley 


September 2021


"To my Medicar Heroes.

I can not thank you all enough for the amazing support reassurance and care you provided me and my little angel on our long jaunt home to England. 

It was such a traumatic time and still now it fills me with deep horror and emotion, being rushed into the hospital in Portugal was extremely frightening when I was only a few months into my pregnancy. Due to the serious complications and the emergency cessarion that had to take place and my inevitable unexpected stay in Portugal with my little Angel fighting for her precious little fragile life.  

As soon as it was agreed safe for us to travel back to London, the team at Medicar were totally amazing, arranging for the hospital maternity team and the travel pod incubator to be transported to Portugal to enable our return journey to London. 

The whole process was made so much easier with the care attention and planning that Medicar had put in place. Our journey home was made so much easier than I could ever of imagined with the ongoing attentive support and logistics all arranged by the outstanding team at Medicar. 

I can not thank you enough for your efforts, I am pleased to say Angel is doing incredibly well & is going from strength to strength, we are so grateful to your team and the wider Medical support we received in the extremely frightening times of our lives. 

God Bless you all"

Mrs Appleton 

West London

October 2021