Frequently Asked Questions

Medicar European have undertaken thousands of European road ambulance repatriations, many directly for members of the public. Below, we answer some of the questions they have frequently asked.

Q. Can a relative travel with the patient?

A. Yes, we actively encourage a patients relative to travel, as a known face can alleviate stress and worry for them.

Q. Can we take luggage?

A. Yes, a reasonable amount providing it will not hinder the patients care or safety, let us know when booking so we can allocate the appropriate vehicle.

Q. Can we stop for breaks?

A. Yes, the journey is built around you, comfort stops and meal stops are built into journey times and we will stop as often as you like for respite, just ask and our crews will oblige.

Q. What happens should the patient take a turn for the worse?

A. Medicar European staff are all well trained and experienced medics who can assess and if unable to treat will divert to the nearest A & E. All Medicar vehicles have SatNav with hospitals programmed in.

Q. The patient needs medication or injections during the journey, can you give it?

A. Yes, please give us a full breakdown of the medication and injections to be administered during the journey and we will skill the crew with the training and correct protocols to administer them, If the patients medication is from the treating doctor or hospital they must formally hand over the medication, and or injections to our qualified crew member who will then be able to administer them as prescribed.

Q. Are you insured for working abroad?

A. Yes, Medicar European has full insurance covers in place, with £10 million public liability, employer and medical treatment liability, breakdown cover for Europe, and in the event of a problem, we have a continuity plan in place for alternative ambulance arrangements to be made, we also have insurance cover for lost or damaged baggage and airside transfer insurance cover. Even our own crews have a works travel insurance cover.

Q. We have a problem with an all-male crew.

A. We can allocate an all male crew, all female crew, or a mixture of both, we select the crew around what you would like and need medically and of course what is appropriate for our patients. 

Q. Is there a problem with toileting?

A. Medicar European staff are all trained to assist with toileting and personal needs. We can also supply additional male or female, Heath Care Assistants especially for dealing with the patients personal needs if requested.

Q. Can you drive from Spain to England Non-stop as we need to get home?

A. We are governed by UK and European work time directives, we can plan a journey to allow for crew changes at strategic locations throughout Europe and in the UK, as this will allow us to create an end to end journey for you, whilst resting our crews as directed.

These same rules apply to, for example, driving down to the South of France, collecting the patient and coming back to the UK without stopping for the prescribed rest.

All ambulance companies and staff have a duty of care to everyone, including other road users, to do this any other way would not be in the best interest of patient care, anyone's health or everyone's safety.

We arrange overnight stops in Hotels, alternatively we can plan stops in Hospitals or Clinics when requested, however these need to be planned and arranged in advance and prior to the journey commencing.

Q. Can my children travel as well as my wife?

A. Yes, to clarify, a child's parent, or a guardian authorised as a "responsible person", must travel with any one under the age of 16 years old and must then deal with the children(s) personal needs. All Medicar European vehicles have DVD players to keep them occupied during the journey.