Medicar European are specialists in the transfer of patients throughout mainland Europe. From a simple transfer to a high dependency intensive care transfer, we have the clinicians and ambulance vehicles to accomodate every need.

Medicar European was formed in 1998 and specialises in the repatriation of ill and injured persons by road ambulance from almost anywhere within the EU. We are recognised by multiple UK Medical Assistance and Insurance companies, members of the public, the armed forces, the NHS, European assistance and Insurance companies, charity organisations and referrals via many of the British Embassies. 

Medicar European have completed many thousands of European ambulance repatriations (not including all of our UK airport transfers that we make, to locations all over the UK) all of which are fully documented.

Medicar European only use qualified and very experienced medical staff and are overseen by our medical doctors. Every repatriation is risk assessed prior to commencement and every journey is tailored to the individual medical requirements of the patient, to ensure the upmost, safest and the most cost effective, repatriation.

As previously mentioned each repatriation is tailored to the patients needs. We are able to undertake transfers either non-stop, with pre-arranged crew changes at strategic locations, or arrange overnight accomondation where we are able to offer patients hospital or clinic respite should the need arise or via a Hotel.

All our repatriation ambulances have been custom designed specifically to undertake these long distance repatriations without compromising any medical standards or needs of the patient. Our ambulances are equipped to ensure all the needs are catered.

We are proud to have repatriated thousands of patients from various destinations throughout Europe.