Our Services in Europe and the UK

International:-  00 44 1233 660999 
within U.K:-  01233 660999

24 hours a day 7 days a week 52 weeks a year


Medicar European is one of the UK's oldest established private specialist medical ambulance companies and the only private ambulance company in the U.K. to specialise in the repatriation of ill and injured persons by road ambulance from almost anywhere within the E.U.


Medicar European have completed many thousands of European road ambulance repatriations (not including all of our U.K. airport transfers that we make, to locations all over the U.K.) all of which are fully documented.


Although we do not arrange air ambulances directly, there are very specialist air ambulance companies based in the U.K. that we can advise you of and give you their contact details.


Our clients include most of the U.K.s medical Assistance and Insurance companies, members of the public, the armed forces, the NHS, European assistance and Insurance companies, charity organisations and referrals via many of the British consulates.


Medicar European only use qualified and very experienced medical staff and are overseen by our medical doctors. Every repatriation is risk assessed prior to commencement and every journey is wrapped around the care and individual medical requirements and needs of the patient, to ensure the upmost, safest and of course the most cost effective, repatriation.


As previously mentioned each repatriation is bespoke and tailored to the patients needs. We are able to undertake transfers either non-stop, with pre-arranged crew changes in strategic places in Europe on very long repatriations, or overnight where we are able to offer patients hospital or clinic respite should the need arise or monitored Hotel rest.


All our repatriation ambulances have been custom designed and built specifically to undertake these long distance repatriations without compromising any medical standards or needs of the patient. Our ambulances are equipped to ensure all the needs are catered for including as standard:

Stryker M1 stretchers, one of the very few makes of stretcher that can be configured to allow a patient to travel facing forward safely.

Wheelchairs, to aid mobility and respite breaks on route.

Snow chains, shovels and all of the other legal requirements of European countries during each of the months of each season.

On board fridges, bottled water and TV screens for playing DVDs during the journey.

Commercial grade SatNav, with European and UK Hospital tracking, air/con and additional diesel heating.

Red and blue strobe lights, to be able to operate all over Europe, especially through Spain.

Up to 14,000 litres of oxygen and additional medical disposables for long repatriations.

Fuel and comfort stops and breaks, as and when required and when you require them, timed around the Patient and your needs.

Euro Tunnel Flexi-plus tickets on all journeys, to ensure a rapid and high priority, channel crossing.